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Razor Technology staff have extensive experience developing roadmaps with on/off ramps to support increased mission capabilities. This includes but is not limited to:

· Incremental space vehicle block builds
· Migrating enterprise IT capabilities to meet evolving customer needs within constrained budget environments
· Applying new technologies to existing missions to achieve new mission capabilities
· Assessing new technologies using Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to determine appropriate integration milestones.

Razor Technology personnel have experience planning mission activities to satisfy mission requirements. This includes, but is not limited to: planning on-orbit mission activities and daily crew schedules for Space Shuttle Missions, determining proper sequencing of events for Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs) is support of launch activities, and on-orbit deployment activities for commercial satellites.

Razor Technology staff have test and evaluation experience in both the hardware and software domains. Our staff has experience with Real Time Simulation (RTS) of flight software for the purpose of: evaluating optimal launch vehicle trajectory profiles, and mission timeline planning; Verification & Validation (V&V) of flight databases, flight control logic (nominal and contingency operations), and flight firmware. We also have experience with testing systems to rigorous requirements in complex and specialized test environments, such as thermal vacuum. We also have a broad range of Software (SW) test and evaluation experience which includes, but is not limited to: unit level test, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Operational Acceptance Review (OAR), Database V&V, and flight software testing using RTS.

Razor Technology has experience developing materiel and support strategies to optimize functional support, leverage existing resources, and guide system engineering processes to lower life cycle cost, making our IC customer’s systems easier to support. Our staff and partner have demonstrable experience applying systems engineering rigor to a diverse problem space, such as the development of: transformational IT architectures such as cloud computing; enterprise and system requirement specifications; Continuity of Operations (COOP) policies, strategies, and plans; Site integration standards and procedures; Mission Assurance activities; and Concept of Operations for deployed Special Access Programs (SAP). Our Staff members have also provided Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support to field sites

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